Windows 10 can't see camera


I set the app for windows. My windows 10 telling me that usb work wrong and he can’t see it. Maybe somebody have a driver’s or else?

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Have you attempted to try a different USB Cable? If you have another micro USB cable give this a shot. I want to make sure the cable is not the issue.


Not working for me as well.


Just figure that out. I Plug in the Fly to the PC and put the Camera on the dock a bit later (the camera was on) hopefully that will help others as well


Yes, the camera must on and it will mount like a standard USB drive. The LED will turn solid yellow when mounted.


I have the same problem and I don’t get a yellow light. I only get a green flashing light. I also tried a reset and I have tried plugging it into my MAc and nothing happens. Please make an update for this or a post that explains why this is happening. I have not been happy with this product.


Hey, there are couple of things to try. If you could try a different USB cable to make sure that the cable is not bad. Also, makes sure you power up the device first and then wait for the solid blue light and then put it on the charging base. After about 10-15 seconds it should go solid yellow and mount. Contact our support at and we can help troubleshoot further.