Wifi Not Working


I have the HD version…

Yesterday, I used the camera to record my son’s birthday party and it ran so low on battery that it stopped recording. I recharged it overnight and this morning was trying to view the video and I cannot pick up the wifi signal from the camera. The bluetooth works and I have verified that the wifi is ON but my iPhone is not picking up the signal. I have checked for the signal on my wife’s phone and both of our laptops, and they do not see it either.

I tried hitting the reset button, and not thing. Any help???



@LTZMACH While your on Bluetooth and connected Go to camera tab or far left of mobile app and while it will say “checking wifi” hit the little settings button on the top right In there, you should see the option for wifi Make sure its turned on If you havent set up the wifi password the default is “00000000” Eight zeros Best of luck


Thanks but the wifi is on in the app settings. I have even toggled it off and back on to see if it would help, but no luck. When I go to search for wifi signals on my phone or anything else nearby, the 360fly signal is not there.



Dang was hoping that would have been the case. Sorry!! May have to do a factory reset and get the wifi to come back into play… You wont lose any videos either way Im not fully certain on the HD model, but there are some threads here that have the 1080 reset steps


Thanks! I was too and checked it first.

I also tried a factory reset yesterday once I found the instructions and still no luck.

I just go this for Christmas and it was my first time using it. Hoping it is not broken already.



Power cycle your phone and then press and hold the reset button on the bottom of the camera for 10 seconds. Then connect via Bluetooth and go into setting on the 360fly App and turn the WIFI off and then turn it back on. If this does not work, contact our support at 844-helpfly. We can take care of it for you.


@LTZMACH @FLYGURU Thx for the rescue!!!


I got home today, turned my camera on, and the wifi was working. Not sure what the difference was.

For future reference, @FLYGURU should I have the camera on or off when doing the 10 sec reset?



@FLYGURU Well, so much for that.

Got the camera out this morning to use it and the wifi was not working again. I power cycled my phone, held the reset for 10+ seconds, switch the wifi off and then back on and still nothing. This thing is intermittent and finicky! I they are not all this way. Looks like I will be calling support this morning now.



I would give support a call. They will take care of it.


Start with the camera powered on.


Hi @LTZMACH…did they give you any solution?
I’m in the same case like you.
I use the Wifi analyser App (Android) and I saw the 360fly wifi with a -90db (very low)…
If I attached my phone to the camera (surface with surface) I could connect them…but not to 1m of distance.
Seems that wifi tx it’s wrong.


What type of phone are you using? The default WIFI Frequency is 5GHZ. Can you make sure the phone you are using supports the 5GHZ band. If you connect via Bluetooth you can go into the settings on the 360fly app and change the frequency? Also, in the settings toggle the WIFI on and off and then try again.


I found out that my wifi issue was intermittent. It worked sometimes and not others. I went thru all the suggested resets and it was still the same issue. Finally, support recommended a destructive reset. It seems to have worked but then again I have not tried to use it more than twice since the reset.



And how it works a destructive reset? Did they give you any script / file for do it?
I’m in contact with Support, but not yet suggested…


First I did a default reset.
Then they sent me a file for a hardware test.
Then they sent me a file to do a destructive reset. This reset wipes it completely clean and back to the original setup. It deletes all video files, etc.




I’m wondering they give me the same file, but I’m waiting reply.
Do you have the file? Just in case support doesn’t reply me
(I don’t know if could be dangerous execute the destructive reset file, to my camera. I have a HD 360fly, DO YOU?)


The support team will get back to you today with the file.


hi there! I think I get same issue here. Chaning from s6 to ipad and it can’t connect with the Wifi.
It was work well while in the US and Japan :frowning: but hei the wifi is detected from my mac :expressionless:

any idea?


Also having the wifi issue – contacted support about it, although its 26 december so i dont expect a reply soon