Why is it the after sales support is so shockingly bad?


I have a faulty camera i can not use and the after sales support is so shockingly bad - any body got any ideas ?? i am in the UK and being told to seek some German company to ask about but no one responds from that company ? why cant 360fly sort this as its there camera ?


@Arebee, all 360fly is handled by the distributors, not the corporate office, which focuses on research, development, and business-to-business products. The company who had been distributing 360fly products in the UK is no longer working with 360fly, and all support for the UK reverted to the main European distributor, Voxx International, in Germany. You can call them directly at 0049 2234 807 329.


I have tried on a few occasions to contact that company in germany and they dont reply ? Please help as I need to use the camera this weekend


So even though the title of this thread is about why is the support for the 360fly so rubbish you can’t seem to even come back to me with a reply as to why Voxx international never answers the number you list or any emails i send… so very bad service !!

please help as this has gone on for over a month already and nothing has happened - all i want to do is use my camera but i cant as you wont advise me to how i can achieve this when it wont connect to my PC or charge even though the camera still works (although battery is about to go flat)

Please reply quickly and with an actual answer


Is there any support (contact address or number) available for buyers in India? I have HD and the wifi option is not showing up in my iPhone. Please suggest.


Is there any support in Australia, have tried sending messages, no reply!


So it seems there is zero after sales support worldwide for this product which is a massive shame as these units aren’t cheap and could be amazing with a bit of support