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I am pretty happy with the 360fly 4k!


Nice!!! I miss skiing The cam and video jam tho!!!


Thanks! I am just waiting for a sunny bluebird day to take some footage. I hear that the 360fly 4k is better in bright light conditions.

Are there ways to set the camera for low light conditions so it performs better?


No prob always nice to see others vids. And yeah i feel ya Bright sunny days are best but yeah you can adjust exposure and levels to a degree in the little tab, third from the left, when you are in camera mode, like where you can see the image, Tap the icon and the last one is where you can try and make better. Dark light isnt all the best but evem sunset you can still get pretty good Now skiing keep in mind you may get that little haze jus cuz its cold Unless spring skiing Then its always nice!!! Try and mess around with that and get a feel I admit it takes a few since i dont have like a calibration meter but hey Enjoi man and post on youtube


Cool, but that thing is LOUD!


Nice music add. How did you get past YOUTUBE copyright violations?


I can’t really recall exactly. But I think youtube will allow it as long as you don’t monetize your video.

"Sometimes you may get a copyright claim on a video you’ve uploaded with music from a commercial source, but rather than blocking the video, YouTube gives you a message that “The claimant is allowing their content to be used in your YouTube video. However, ads might appear on it.”

In this case, you are allowed to keep the video as is, but you can’t run ads of your own on it. Some copyright holders do this in order to advertise their own product (buy the soundtrack here). "


Right. Even easier is, mix the original background track with it. So if the song is at 75℅ and the background is 25℅ the WAVEFORM is changed and YOUTUBE won’t be able to match it. I tested it on FACEBOOK and it worked.


Hi, Just wondering how you achieved the full Spherical 360 for you video ?


@Srushtiimx what did u use for the “floating” effect… very nice video


the 4K doesnt need any plug already waterproof to 30ft. they have a new dive housing that is dope and can get down to 133ft. but no you dont need a plug to just use normally in the water


thank you so much for this


Hello, Is there any info on wind reduction, I cut the top of a sock off and it did OK. Was going to get a tennis wristband and try


One user tried one of them boom mic covers. May be worth lookin into.


so this was Saturday 6/3/17 without anything


And this is today, Sunday at the San Diego Rock & Roll Marathon on SDFD Paramedic scooters.
At 1:03 they talk clearly with no wind.


I am also a newbie here. Thank you!


My first real attempt:

This is shot indoors (obviously), so the lighting conditions are difficult. I think the resolution is too low. Any ideas how this can be improved in the future?


Set ur res to 2880x2880. Wont see the live feed on device. Also before the event. Play with the brightness setting. Or if u have a light calibration meter use that prior to get befter results. There is no flash so its hard indoors


@ClausWobbe, try adjusting the brightness and exposure prior to capturing videos - https://360fly.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/220785367-360fly-4K-Advanced-Menu-Settings