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Hi everyone. Glad I found this forum of other 360fly users. I’m using my camera to do some experiments compositing 2D (and ultimately 3D) animated elements with live action 360 footage. I’ll share some tests and stuff as I go along. A lot of this is making it up as I go, so I appreciate this community for ideas, sanity checks and sounding boards!

Since I am working with a geographically dispersed team, I needed a process for sharing clips such that iOS users could view on Google Cardboard HMDs. Here’s the workflow clip I made for that.

Comments and suggestions welcome!


Very cool Patrick.

I am Jamie from Adventures Unlimited. We are a whitewater rafting outfitter on the Ocoee River. We hope to use these cameras to make awesome rafting footage. Right now I am uploading my first 360 video to You Tube. Unfortunately it is not rafting. Still a bit cold for that. Instead it will be a short tour of our property on a 4 Wheeler.

Video soon. :wink:


Sounds like a lot of fun Jamie - I look forward to a trip down the Ocoee soon! Are you using helmet mounts or some other means of securing the camera?


We will be attaching it to a Pelican Box that is attached to the raft.


As an update to this video, I used the website VRIDEO.com and their iOS app extensively on a recent project to post, test and share my clips with other Google Cardboard users.


Here’s the prototype I made. Apologies for the poor audio quality; I had less than an hour on-site to location scout and get the shot. For the real thing, I’ll properly mic the narrator and get the heck out of the shot myself. :wink:


Dirt Track test. Opening day practice at Hagerstown Speedway. First race is 26 March. Will post with real racing footage. So far, 360fly is exceeding expectations!


Just filmed yesterday, I mounted the 360 fly cam 4K to my helmet and skated in a cement bowl at a local skate park. I can’t wait to film more skateboarding with this camera.

I also filmed this awesome scenic spot from on top of a foothill of a Memorial grounds. In person you can see the entire valley below; great place to get away for peace and quiet, when there aren’t obnoxious loud teenagers there laughing and messing around with their friends, which happens during Summer out of school sunset hours. I filmed this early in the morning while no one was there.

Lastly, I filmed this breath taking waterfall in a secluded forest in the middle of nowhere, miles out of the way from the general public; hence why it’s so secluded. I enjoy going here once in a while just to get away from all the hustle and bustle; I only wish I lived closer than an hour an a half drive away.

Here’s a quick video of me doing some freestyle skateboarding tricks, as I fastened the 360fly cam from a basketball hoop net directly above me.


First 360 fly 4k Drone video!


If you use Safari browser on mac, the preview will look different. The guy holding the drone before take off has very short legs. Haha!


How is it different?


you don’t see the video how it’s meant to be seen, everything looks stretched out and distorted all in one panoramic view.


Hi Patrick, very interested in seeing what you & your team do with this. I’m just starting to get into 360° production and looking to translate some of my fine art photography ideas into virtual spaces for others to explore. Hoping to have some samples soon.
Best of luck to you and would love to see some of your work if you have any links


Thanks themaven, scroll up and check out the Ft. Sumter link. Even better if you open the clip in YouTube itself and watch on a Google Cardboard viewer.

Looking forward to seeng what you come up with in your explorations!



Por que en todos los vídeos se ve la camara fly360 y en los vídeos de promoción no se ve?


I ask the same question…just made my first video and very dissapointed…a lot of black area at the bottom of the frame and very poor quality (my camera is fly4k)




I have a question, does the 360fly 4k. comes with the plug that go in the microphone? Or it doesn’t need it to be waterproof