Video is flat, not 360


Hi. New user and when I save my video it is flat and not 360. What am I doing wrong?

Also will the video be saved in 360 if I upload to my google photo album?


You may have the camera set to “POV” mode. You can change this in the phone app while the camera is on and paired to the phone via bluetooth.

The other thing is when you convert, it does change it from spherical to “equirectangular” view. Some players know how to play that as a 360 video (YouTube, VLC), but others will just show you the flat video (Quicktime).

No idea about Google photo albums. I found that Twitter has no support for 360 photos. If I were you, I’d just give it a try and then delete it if you don’t like the results.


I cannot see any option to change pov mode.


Nick Pargeter


This should help: