Using quicktwist mounts with 4k camera


So I just bought the 360fly 4k and with it a bunch of accessories… problem is all the accessories use the quick twist mount and the camera I have used 1/4 20 inch… i have action camera adapter, suction mount , handlebar, helmet mount and tripod adapter… is there any way to use these accessories with the 4k camera?


@Timoth, you cannot use the QuickTwist accessories with the 360fly 4K. You need the 1/4" threaded screw mounts.


Is there any adaptors for this to convert from quick twist to 1/4 20?


@Timoth, there are no adapters which go in this direction.


Thanks for letting me know


I ordered a 360fly 4k mount and they shipped me a 360fly twist. It did come with an extra screw. Is it possible to switch out the posts?