Using 360fly to take pics in Google Street View App (iOS)


This certainly seems like it should be a straightforward thing to do with the 360fly camera, but I’m stuck trying to figure it out.

Here’s what I want to do:
Use the Google Street View iOS app in conjunction with my 360fly camera to shoot and upload beautiful, seamless photo spheres of various locations.

Street View gives me three options to do this:

  1. Spherical camera (connect via wi-fi to camera’s onboard wi-fi hotspot)
  2. Import photo spheres
  3. Camera (use the iPhone’s internal camera to shoot an array of images in a circle - software stitches them together…poorly)

Trying option 1 yields nothing. The app doesn’t recognize the 360fly. Boo!

For option 2, I shoot a little footage, pick a frame and export as a photo sphere. Email that image to myself, import into Photos, sync back with phone. Street View doesn’t “see” the photo to import it.

Anyone out there have any success in using 360fly with Google Street View? Please share your workflow.


Im having the same problem, im finding just using my phone is a better option.
Im a little frustrated with this camera its buggy.


Same thing. I just bought this thinking I can take shots (photos) and I think it can’t --> May 2016


If have been testing this camera and this Google Street View issue is REALLY a dealbreaker

Furthermore the workflow around grapping a photo is really bad
you can only use the app … NOT the director program on the computer = you always have to have the camera turned ON + the video have to be on the camera AND you have to communicate over bluetooth between phone app and 360flycam in all of this, which is slow and unstable.

another thing
The black spot under the camera is of a angle so big, that you cannot look down and is to big a thing to have in mind wild you are shooting… alot of footage willl not turn out the way you hoped because og this.



Very soon, today or tomorrow we will be releasing a new director that will convert and inject the data needed to make your photos compatible with Street View and photospheres. I will post an update when ready.


Hi Andy
Is a new director already released? I can´t find it…



This is great news! Looking forward to trying it out with Google Street View.



Thank you Andy. Any plans to inject the metadata for photos right inside the iOS app? Metadata is injected currently for videos (they display properly on Facebook once uploaded), but not photos.



Are you planning to support Google Street view wifi option? That is something I am looking forward.


I’m super keen on this functionality as it would make my job so much easier!


Looks like they had the export function working and I used it a few time. Since the last firmware update I applied yesterday 21 Oct 2016. The functionality to upload from an IPhone has stopped again.

Very disappointed that we had some functionality and have lost the ability again


by 09/2017 did someone was available to use the 360fly HD to upload to Google Streets on iOS ?


4k u can. HD doesnt have gos embedded


A phone pano is many pictures stitched together, they add up to 16K or more. Of course that’s going to get you better images! The stuff you see in Gala etc is shot with much more expensive cameras (or stitched from DSLR stills).

That’s just the tech today: if you want to capture a moving scene you have no choice, but for something still (landscape or architecture photography), nothing beats combining a bunch of photos.

That’s also why Google’s lightfield photography currently only works with static scenes: same cost/quality tradeoff.
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It’s not explicitly stated, so this might be helpful: When using the 360fly mobile app to upload to Street View, you are BYPASSING the “Google Street View” app for the upload itself. You perform the upload in the 360fly app. Then later, you use the Google Street View app to modify the already uploaded image.

It took me quite a few days of frustration before this workflow became apparent!

Robertson in Miami