Use pov view in USB webcam mode


Is there a way to use the camera in a pov view while hooked up to a computer via USB webcam



No - the camera only shows the full 360 split-screen in webcam view.


Has there been any updates as to use the camera in POV as a webcam


@ColtonKiefer, I don’t think there are any plans to incorporate this feature. The POV mode captures straight up, and webcam mode requires the camera to be on the charging base - all that would be seen is the ceiling. Additionally, POV webcam mode would just make the 360fly 4K like any other webcam.


I wish that there was a way to do it. All the other cameras on the market require a video capture device to stream live to a computer. the 360fly does not.


I think this warrants more attention.

I’d like to use this camera to show off footage of my 3D printer while printing, and maybe use it to live stream the footage to sources like twitch or youtube.

As for the whole “the camera needs to be docked for webcam to work”. That’s where custom mounts come into play. It’s not difficult to design a cradle that would hold the camera’s charging cradle to the base while keeping it on its side for POV to work properly.