Use desktop as a viewfinder


Hello! Is it possible to write a software in either java or c++ (or any other language) to be able to use a pc computer as the viewfinder of the camera (via wifi). If I’m not mistaken, a cellphone can serve as a viewfinder, so I guess there are no hardware limitation, just software ones. If anyone has some experience with this please let me know!


Check out the Developer post below. It is easy to do with the RTSP stream and a VLC player.

You will need to connect your computer to the camera via WIFI. In an upcoming release we will allow you to connect your camera to a local area network but for now you will need to connect directly to the camera with the name and passcode you have assigned.


Is it possible to do this with the usb cable? I would like the computer to still have wifi to be able to quickly email the photos and videos it takes.


The feature will be available in the next few weeks. We call it USB Webcam mode where it will stream the live view through the USB port. We are in final testing now of the feature.


is there another step i put that address in and its not coming up with the feed. I can get it to work with my camera on my laptop but not with the 360fly…


Do you have the VLC player?


Has there been any update to this? I am trying to use the 360fly 4k with obs to stream on youtube. I can pull the camera feed off of the camera’s wifi, but this is not quite what I’m going for.


The live stream today is the raw 360° image. The current output does not support the live streaming needed for YouTube and Facebook. This is a feature we are working on. You need the equirectangular converted file which is done in post processing today.


How to connect the camera to a local area network ? Has it been updated to do so ?


U can use a vlc client and then acces the cam via IP. It will not be in 360. Only POV


How is the camera accessed via IP ?


Through a VLC client.


Can you give more details ?


Sorry. U need to get an app thats called VLC. Its a client and usually free on google or apple store. The cam will put out an ip address when on and you will enter that ip into the VLC app under ip addy and it will then allow you to pull the device up via dektop or whichever device is using the VLC client. Now it wont be 360 or anytjing. Morw fisheye like the pic below.

It takes a few times to get the setup righr just due to ip and suncing but can be used as a basic monitoring cam. If u want to use YT. U need a OBS broadcasting app. Ita free too. And put the 4k cam into webcam mode or split screen and u can stream there if u want to. Still not 360 as they use RTSP. Livit and FB allow you to go live on demand and in 360. Livit is a little iffy on androids though. Just fyi