USB webcam mode


Hi! I remember that since october there was to be a new firmware update on the camera to enable it to transfer the liveview (viewfinder) through usb to a computer. Is that available now? Where can I download it? ALso, can I use it with linux ubuntu??


Do you have an Android device? The latest software load 2.02 with the new Android App will provide the USB Webcam functionality. The article below explains.


I already up to date. but the webcam mode is not in my advance.


Can you send me a screenshot?




same problem as him. Webcam mode does not appear


Sorry guys, I jump the gun. For iPHONE it will be out in the coming week they are waiting on the new Firmware release which will enable it. Sorry about the confusion.


But I am using android…does this feature not work with the HD version?? Only 4k??? This would be incredible unfair if true.

Is it possible with the sdk to create my own application to do this?


its nothing on HD version…even take photo.


This was an upgradable feature on the 4K device only. The 4K has an upgradeable operating system and hardware which supports the Webcam mode.


Could it be that the camera is not sending it’s full 240 degrees view in webcam mode?


The new firmware on the 4K version 2.14 has been released. Update your camera now. It has new features including audio enhancements, Web Cam mode, Accelerometer triggers and Bluetooth Microphone capabilities. Enjoy!


In Webcam mode because most teleconferencing system do not have 360* viewers we cut the video in half and stack the two on top of each other to play in a 16:9 window. Now you can see everyone around the conference room in one view.


Just did three facetime calls and this is slick. Just for anyones info One push button facing backwards, 15 degrees to the left will be the top image and then obviously the other side is the opposite view But soooooooooo cool Major thanks 360fly


I understand the stacking, but I thought the full 240 degrees vertical view would be in the picture. But it isn’t…which means it can’t be used to be displayed on a sphere. Or am I missing something?