Update - Request for 360fly App to Make Use of external SD Card


Several months back we inquired about the 360fly App to make use of the external SD Card.

This is a very important capability for those who don’t use Windows and want to continue using 360fly hardware.


@bbabmab, you can use an external SD card, as long as your Android smartphone model allows you to configure an SD card as internal storage. Not all Android smartphone models offer this feature, so I recommend checking with your provider.


Please be more specific and with an example. I have tried multiple devices, and I dont see what you are saying.

Why not just fix your app to handle it an external SD cards like every other memory intensive application I have?


@bbabmab, here are some online articles which should provide much more insight into this topic.

This first one goes into an explanation which should shed some light on your inquiry:

> “Even though they can store tons of data, they’re slower than the internal storage and have a limited number of read-write cycles. Using SD card as a permanent storage would require more frequent read/write operation, and it would degrade its performance over time. Android does a performance benchmark of your SD card to make sure it’s fast enough to match the internal memory. It warns about the performance of the external storage and may even decline to adopt if the SD card is extremely slow.”

This second link provides some additional background information about “adoptable storage.”