Unable to Open device settings from app


The page that has 1. Open Device Settings, 2. Select WiFi, etc, doesn’t do anything. There is an update button at the bottom which is grayed out. This is the app for iOS.

I was attempting to set-up the camera with the app for the first time.


@dniles, leave the 360fly app and open your iPhone settings. Go into WiFi and select the 360fly WiFi signal. If you are prompted for a password, enter 00000000 (eight zeros). Make sure that your camera isn’t on the charging base when you do this.


Do you mean select 2. Select Wifi? That doesn’t work. Nothing happens. Same with 3. Select "360fly4kB423.


Hold on, I see what I did wrong.


@dniles, if you run into any more issues, send an email to support@360fly.com.


The WiFi is not accepting the password - 00000000


@dniles, perform a factory reset on your 360fly - https://360fly.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/218798618-Perform-a-Factory-Reset-on-your-360fly-4K


This camera doesn’t have a OnePush button on the bottom as the photo shows. All it has in the center is a mount for a tripod.


@dniles, the One-Push button is the regular power button. The reset button is located up the mounting hole. Please watch the video embedded at the bottom of that FAQ - it will make everything much clearer.


Ok. I was able to reset the camera, but I can’t get past the “Please accept the Bluetooth pairing request.” I have no idea what that means and there is no way to go to the next screen.


All is good - I finally got it working. Thanks!


@dniles, if you run into any further questions or issues, send an email to support@360fly.com.