Tripod used to Record Route Video for Google Street View


Recording a video with 360fly 4K camera of a route to digitize for Google Street View requires some sort of tripod. I am thinking of a 7’ pole that pushes a tripod on wheels about 3’ off the ground would be better. You would still see the pusher but the black disk would be smaller. Hard to find answers. Thanks for a great group. I have several Google Street View Projects to do. I hope the black disk does not get in the way.


Now I’ve learned from the below link
Note : Street View is not currently available for videos collected indoors.

I think this is because you cannot get a GPS fix indoors. But a still image has to have GPS info.

Shooting a video of a indoor walk about is the easiest way. Otherwise you have to take stills every 3’.
About 3’ off the ground is a good height to show the surroundings about 3’ feet away before the black disk shows up.