Tips on pointing the camera


I have been experimenting with how to point the camera, but it would be nice to have some examples of the camera at different angles. I am getting it to work with my iPhone 4s and MacBook, but I am not very good at capturing the exact things in my field of view when I have it mounted on my tripod.


There really are only 3 options that work.
Camera pointed up, Camera pointed down, and using it at a 90 degree towards the subject.


I had good results by pointing the camera ‘action button’ towards the subject, then tilting forward about 15-20 degrees. This has the effect of looking towards a subject and bowing slightly. If it is a person, you will see them head to foot.

When shooting people from a distance of at least 4 feet, it seems to be a preferable experience if the camera is mounted not at eye level, but closer to the base of the neck or mid-chest.

Everyone’s tastes vary, so definitely experiment and see what works best for your desired outcome.


Thanks for your input.
I want to mount the 360fly pointing forwards of my flying drone. However, the middle of the lens is always the top / bottom of the picture and works as a single point that everything revolves around,
I would like to looik forward in the middle fo the lense.
Is that possible?


I mounted the 360Fly on front of my dirtbike helmet and took the following videos riding in the woods. First, note that in order to get the top-down picture, I needed to take apart the gopro style mount with a screw driver and rotate it and rescrew it. The mount for straight up and down needs to have the microphone on top with the fly symbol to the side.

The big issue with this setup (action) is the transition through light and dark spots in the woods. This causes the exposure to go haywire and you get some weird colors. In order to get this product to work better for action camera where you are going through light/dark exposures, the auto exposure needs some work and needs to correct faster.


Hey, I don’t know how you are uploading these videos, but they are all screwed up. There shouldn’t be any “seams” in the videos. Yours seems to have a teardrop shape at the top or bottom. Are you using the APP or the Director?


Director crashes on my computer so I can’t run it. I download it off my phone, use the youtube application to set the metadata thing, then I just upload via regular youtube web page.


If I upload from the phone app, it processes it and stretches out the video (when I copy it to my computer it’s in a ball in the video). However, would rather upload via the computer since the phone is not as good as using all my settings and things from the webpage upload. Is there a way to export the video to the phone itself and copy the video over?


I uploaded the rest through the phone and they turn out better. So the issue is mainly the saturation and exposure problem as the light changes.


Download the latest firmware and latest APP. When riding dirtbikes, get to a well lit area , and then “LOCK THE EXPOSURE” this will prevent the light changes as you go in and out of trees.


Excellent!!! lock the exposure !!! thanks!!!


You could set the Camera to POV mode from your phone app, for it to do exactly that.