ThingLink not compatible with 360fly?


Hi! I tried to export photos from 360fly and import them to ThingLink, but Thinglink said that the aspect ratio should be 2:1. Am I doing something wrong or is there a problem with 360fly and ThingLink? If it’s not compatible, so can I easily change the aspect ratio with some online service tool or with something else?


Did you convert your Photos to the equirectangular Photosphere format before importing them? That conversion changes the aspect ratio from 1:1 to 2:1.


Thank you for the reply! I’ll try to do that somehow :slight_smile:


Do you have some instructions to do that btw? I tried to search a solution, but I couldn’t…



Send an email to, and let us know if you’d like to convert to equirectangular on a computer, an iPhone, or an Android smartphone, and we will provide specific instructions.


There must be hundreds of photos in this app and I’m legitimately excited to explore them further. It’s like being in an art museum!

My only complaint is there’s no way to bookmark my favorite scenes so I can readily visit them again and share with others. It also lacks the ability to set the photos as your background, which feels like a missed opportunity.

I’m really glad I discovered this, because I’m kind of done wasting my time looking for 180 and 360 videos that don’t suck. I’d have never guessed that 360 photos could be so far superior!

One quick tip: The app defaults to a slideshow mode which goes far too fast to really soak in everything you’re seeing, but it can be paused and manually advanced to the next photo.


The photos are appreciably good. Do check them out quickly.

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Delete history and reupload again.
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