Select bitrate of exported video


Another feature that I feel would be beneficial would be the ability to select the output bitrate when converting to an equirectangular file. We have the option to select from various resolutions which is nice, however the 3840 x 1920 pixel mp4 produced, for example, is approximately half the bitrate of the original file resulting in a poorer quality video. 50,000 kbps vs 24,400 kbps on a vid which has approximately the same amount of total pixel’s per frame.

I realise that for uploading to social sites a smaller file size is better, but for local playback this wouldn’t be as great a concern.

If selecting the actual bitrate would prove too confusing, then a dropdown menu with low, medium, high and a ‘match original’ option would possibly suffice,

Cheers again :wink::slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, I’m not sure if this helps, but I had good results using Adobe After Effects to convert videos from raw fish eye into equirectangular. After effect 2018 (latest version) includes a set of tools for 360 videos. In particular: Effects>Immersive Video> VR converter . You will have to increase the field of view (FOV) to 240 and reorient the view (tilt -90).
Then you have the freedom to set the export quality with a professional software.
These tools are rather new in After effects. They were previously a plug in called skybox from mettle (you can find plenty of tutorials for those and the built in tools are identical, just with little different names)