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@cristianpanaitescu Streaming has a “buffer” zone around 2-4 secs One other way you can try to lessen Use a VLC client and dedicated IP addy for viewers Forgot to mention that in your other post


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I just tested the distance that I can transmit from the camera to my phone or tablet and determined it to be about 300ft. Not bad - just wondering if it is possible to use a wifi booster to extend that range? I am attaching it to a UAV and would like to be able to fly to around 2000-2500ft. Is this AT ALL possible do you think?


Not sure if the connection to the wifi is based on the camera’s ability to transmit, or the base stations ability to transmit… I’m guessing the latter so if I had a wifi booster I am thinking it might be possible.


I found a USB wifi booster dongle that I could attach to the UAV, wondering if there is a way to tie it in with the 360fly to boost it’s signal… unless having a wifi booster in the vehicle would be good enough???


I just need short answer. Can you stream using 360fly 4K and charge it in the same time?


Yes, you can charge and stream .


Get yourself a high gain directional antenna and a usb wifi card (the kind where you can remove the tiny linear antenna) and watch the stream on a laptop. Just dont use the stream to fly though - ive noticed the delay can sometimes grow over time up to several seconds.


Good point, there will be a delay in the stream.


Now i can get streaming from USB?


@santi-chob U can via webcam mode using OBS and Youtube


I tried same using VLC network stream option, getting unable to open URL rtsp://

Connected camera to computer’s wifi and blutooth, I can see directory listing if I open in browser. That shows connection is working properly, but rtsp livestream not working. Any idea?



We’re looking at purchasing some 360fly cameras but would be interested to know more about the RTSP latency aspects. I note some users here mention between a couple of seconds and up to 10 seconds with another poster suggesting that 3 to 4 seconds is typical.

Are there any official specs on latency between the capture and when the image streams out of the device? Obviously we understand that with H.264 latency is unavoidable, we’re just looking to understand the spec of the 4k device.

Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction?

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General rule of thumb for any streams is 2up and 2down


@captivereality, we don’t have those specific specs, but send an email to support@360fly.com, and we will see if engineering has any relevant information.


@captivereality, I received your email and sent it over to engineering. I will let you know when they get back to me with a response.


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Did you get any further with this?

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For the RTSP stream, the latency is about 400 mSec.


Hi. I am trying to stream the live video to my computer. As I understand, I need to connect my computer to the camera’s WiFi hotspot. But the name of the camera’s WiFi is not present in the network list. I am using Ubuntu 14.04 OS on my laptop. Do I need to switch to another OS or is there something else I am missing because I can connect to the camera WiFi from the Android phone in which the fly 360 app is installed. The camera I am using is the fly360 4k.


to stream from cam to computer direct it will be in POV mode and u need a VLC client. Enter the ip addy on your computer and u will see the cam. If you are using youtube u need to put it into webcam mode for live stream. And u will need a OBS software if you dont have the followers!!! If you use Facebook. Just allow the permissions on your account and hit the live button. Shows up in about 4 seconds on your live page


Connect a computer or other device to the camera WiFi AP. This will be the name of the camera or the default name such as “360fly4K_XXXX". Default password is : 00000000. If you have changed the passcode you will need to know the WIFI passcode.