RTSP Live Stream


is there an ETA on that firmware upgrade? I managed to get it working with the Vive and it looks pretty good…i just need that usb capability to finish. Also, is there anyway to decrease the camera delay while streaming? The cellphone delay is maybe .1 seconds, but the method i am using to rtsp stream currently has about .5 to 1 sec latency in the video.


We are shooting for a release early next week. There is no way to increase the delay it is based on the bandwidth and the processing of the viewer.


With the latest Android application and the 2.02 firmware you can enable the WEBCAM. Here is an article that explains.


Is it normal for the image to look like this?


Yes this is the raw 360 video captured by the camera. Either 1504x1504 on the HD or 2880 x 2880 on the 4K.


Thank you. Is there any software that recommends to process live 360 video (RTSP)?


any news on the firmware update?


The firmware is out . Version 2.14. You can download it now.


Hi All,

We are wondering if there are any configuration settings available that might allow us to reduce the latency of the video being streamed. We are finding the latency to be in the multiple seconds and growing over time. If there are any Application notes on streaming, including other protocols supported besides RTSP if any, we’d appreciate a reference. Thanks.


There could be more to this question that may need to be discovered. Usually, latency and any means of streaming videos tend do lean more towards router/network setup, speeds, and sometimes the other user may have a slower network as well. Any settings you could try is making sure you are using a wired connection and if wifi is an only option, may want to see if you can configure to 5ghz on AC band or something that can give a strong signal or very near an Access Point, but its normally network or speed type of an upgrade or configuration to help with latency or buffering issues of any kind. Not the best answer but just from past experience streaming videos over fiber, T1, which tend to be dedicated, then the lesser dsl and cable speeds and noticing issues There are simple settings but again all depends on the various factors in the setup


Thanks for the response. So, the camera is a WiFi access point, and a single Android device is connected directly, playing the video via Unity plugin. That’s it, network wise. We are looking into the buffering being done by the RTSP plugin. But, have not found settings for the camera, or WiFi characteristics.
Strangely, it turns out the latency starts out being large - > 10 seconds - but then after playing for a long time, becomes less, just a couple of seconds.
Thanks again.


Oh more than welcome but yeah when you are using all mobile platforms then there will be some lag Just to clarify The cam isnt an access point it just has the capability to use 2.4 or 5ghz for mobile usage. Webcam you should be on via usb and then yeah the tablet via wifi but not n actual “desktop” per se and testing a hardwired or using the ethernet cord to see if you got better speeds Do you know what upload and download speeds you get?? And yes the RTSP will be part as it has to be transferred to the other person But try and see what you can find out network wise If you are at a business it could vary But best of luck though im sure lthers will have ideas as well on here!! The more the better!!! Even security cams though designed will do that if the network is a little slower than others or in a “dead” zone where the signal is weaker


So, maybe I wasn’t clear, sorry. We are using the 360 Fly camera, which is a WiFi AP. Our Android device is connecting to it as a client over WiFi. I am asking specifically about the 360fly HD camera. I don’t want to use USB, though it is something I will try eventually. For the 360Fly HD Camera, what I’m also for is a reference for controlling any of the streaming configuration (resolution, frame rate, protocol), and WiFi AP setup (2.4 vs. 5 Ghz, encryption on/off, buffer size, etc.).



Gotcha My bad!!! Yeah the HD model i think doesnt have the ability to configure any wifi options Dont hold me to that but its in the settings menu when u have Bluetooth on as well and in camera tab on app if it does have that option… Yeah you may have a little lag Sorry about all that Hahah atleast we both learned sumtin


Is there a way to allow it to stream onto your computer as a normal 360 video or even a widescreen video? (basically do you have to watch it as a circle like the photo from another user shows above)


At this time it only streams the raw video with the RTSP stream. You can also use the 4K as a USB webcam. In the Webcam mode we take the entire 360 degree video give you two 1080 strips in one 16:9 view.


Thank you for the quick response and that is good to know


Hello, is there by any chance an update for the fly360 HD to work as a USB webcam as well ? I tried making it happen, but it didn’t work for me. Can you please assist me with that ? I would truly appreciate it.


No update. Only the 4k has the USB Webcam option.


Hello. I am currently using the rtsp live stream in my app and it works really well. Only problem is that there is a 3-4 seconds delay. Is there any way to solve this? I am using android media player to decode the rtsp stream, btw.

Thank you.