RTSP Live Stream


Instructions for accessing the live RTSP stream with the 360fly 4K camera

Connect a computer or other device to the camera WiFi AP. This will be the name of the camera or the default name such as “360fly4K_XXXX". Default password is : 00000000. If you have changed the passcode you will need to know the WIFI passcode.

After this you can stream the live view by connecting an RTSP capable player (such as VLC) to this network connection:


Please note: The 360fly 4K will stream at 1440 and the 360fly HD will stream at 720.

Accessing the Web interface
Use desktop as a viewfinder
360fly SDK Available
360fly streaming
How to develop camara fly360 with by .net

That’s awesome! Can’t wait to try it out.

Will there be a future update to allow the camera to join an existing network, rather than people needing to leave a network to join the camera?


Coming soon to a 360fly 4K near you!

360fly Streaming to VLC?


I really would like to try this, but couldn’t figure out how to connect? I can search the 360fly camera on my phone. But couldn’t search it on my computer.

Basically, I want to live stream, or view it from my Vive. Not the recorded one, but live. I saw Vahana VR to network stream using RTSP. Therefore, I need to have an RTSP to live stream my 360fly feed to Vive via Vahana VR.

Any help would be appreciated.



Can you connect to the camera via WIFI on your computer? It should show up as the camera name in your WIFI list. Once connected you can go into VLC and add the URL to access the live stream.


done. It is now connected to VLC, I mean, now I can live view in VLC. Question now is, how do I live stream it then coming from VLC?


Does this work with the 360fly HD too ?


Yes it should work with HD.


is there a way to connect the wifi signal to a network or forward it, example if you had one camera at each end of a football field and wanted to be able to quickly connect and grab clips from either camera say from a media office?


If I connect my computer to the Camera’s WiFi connection and then use VLC player how can I stream something to the internet when my computer is no longer connected to the internet (it’s connected to the 360Fly Wifi)??


Is it possible to do this via usb instead of wifi?


We have a USB streaming feature releasing in the next few weeks. It will stream the live 360 view via USB for Skype and other video conferencing solutions.


please keep me posted on this. Love any and all streaming options


Will do. Coming very soon this month.


What is the rtsp streaming format such as codec, SBS/OU. etc…? I will be trying to stream it through VLC and eventually into a vive if possible.


The video streaming format is a 1440x1440 resolution at a bit rate of 6Mb/s. The full unprocessed 240 degree fisheye view is within the 1440x1440 video.

The video is sent via RTSP protocol with H.264 encoding.

VLC will play the streaming video no problem.


Will the USB feature be capable of say plugging into the USB port on a router and then streaming with rtsp to the network?


No, it will enumerate as a Webcam and stream the 360° degree view with 180 over 180 in a stack 16:9 view.

For what you are trying to do you can get the live RTSP stream connecting to the WIFI of the camera and then stream over you Ethernet direct connection.


One more question…if i buy the 4k one now will the USB streaming option be available from a firmware update in the next couple weeks or will it be a separate model?


Yes, it will be a firmware upgrade only.