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I am currently using the 360fly 4K in an android project and i have some issue with the stream. I use the rtsp link to get the live raw data and there is a 3-4 seconds delay. Is there any way to fix this?
More details:
I have an OpenGl project and i need the the data stored into a texture not displayed right on the screen.
I use the android MediaPlayer class with data source bind to the rtsp link and a SurfaceTexture to capture the frames.

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Hello? anybody from the dev team? I really need to solve this :frowning:


Sorry not on any development team but have encountered and messed with streaming protocols… Due to “streaming” and the nature of how the stream is embedded there will always be a delay… Usually my rule of thumb is 2 secs up and 2secs down Kinda like satellite compared to off air antennas. There is a buffer in the live stream The server has to receive the info or download and then upload to a separate stream for the viewers!!! Until an RTMP client is injected or the RTSP stream will always have a “buffer” zone around 3 secs It also has to do with your network speed and machines refresh rate to make it smoother and or less glitchy if that makes sense best of luck One other thought, u r in a school Have your IT personnel open up a port for you and you can obtain a dedicated stream and IP to make it a little quicker. Most IT wont allow a user to have a open port though due to security. Worth a shot though Prime example is skype calls Alwaya a buffer since skype is a form of streaming


Thanks for the explanation.

So if this delay can t be avoided, how do you display the live stream in your own 360fly app without any delay? Can you suggest me anything?


@cristianpanaitescu more than welcome!!! Currently 360fly doesnt have an embedded live streaming feature in their app… There is a separate app called Livit that they have partnered or associated with to allow users to stream through the Livit app. You can also use youtube and set it as a webcam with split screen or periscope… I know the features have been requested to be added or even another cam possibly, but even with a VLC client and a dedicated IP addy there will still be slight buffering Kinda like a news report when they go live at the “scene” so to say or radio people that ask callers to turn their radios down due to the delay Just the nature of the beast and streaming Very similar scenario is using a IP security cam Its live but there is a slight delay Wish I had a direct answer but i know 360fly is working on it If you need a dedicated “live” feed you would need to get a camera with a dedicated power source and RTMP server Hence several thousand dollars in equipment or even more due to recording and transmitting You can always hit up support@360fly.com and see if they have any new or info to share Im just a user since the 1080 first came out so been playing with 360fly for a few