Repairs for 360fly 4k


HI, Ive asked quite a few times aswell as sent emails but still had no reply from yourselves. My 360fly 4k has stopped functioning correctly, the button is no longer responsive, everything works fine from the app but that isnt always practical.

I purchased it on ebay, someone selling as an unwanted gift. It was still brand new but im guessing no longer covered in a warranty?

How can I get this repaired please?



Can someone please answer this question, the fact you continue to ignore it doesnt fill me with confidence.

Surely customers are entitled to know if you are repairing these cameras?


I had different problems with the camera until I stopped serving, one of the options they gave me was to restore it to the original configuration.

How to achieve it? you have to simultaneously press the button on the camera and insert a pointed object just at the bottom of the camera. (at the center of the base) leave it for a few seconds and that’s it.
the other is to send it to Newyork to repair


Thanks but ive tried that with no success


If you are located in the UK, and you haven’t received any responses to your emails, you can call the UK distributor, Intro2020 at 08000 496493.


I have a 360fly 4k which has stopped working, nothing at all, dead?
I have sent messages to support but no reply.
Where can I get it repaired, I am in Australia?