Recording stops by itself


Thank you! Do you have recommendation for other mount?


I would recommend the RAM rollbar mount. They make very good military grade mounts and work good in the Racecars. You can check them out at


Thank you! Very much will post video of Indianapolis soon.


Where about in indy?? IRP or putnam?? Id gladly meet ya out there if its possible. Im next to the airport and mess with street car takeover and whatnot


We are racing with SVRA at IMS next weekend. You should come on down.
Open Wheel Challenge. I am worried that the harmonics of the car will
damage the 360Fly 4K. We are going to give it a try.


Oh very cool. Using the road course. Dont be too worried. The cam can take a good beating. I been breaking in a new bike and been all over with it on top of my helmet… ill message ya my info. I sent a message and just saw the open wheel note. Where theres a will theres a way!!! Lol.


I am running into similar problems with self-stopping recording (360fly 4K, Hardware R1.0, firmware z-0099, purchased a few months ago, new out of box, software 2.1.4. Each test begins with a full battery, cool camera, and clear memory).

My end goal is to try and fly this camera during the Great American Eclipse on August 21 2017 on a weather balloon which will reach heights of 80,000 to 100,000ft. The product specifications set the operating temperature at -4F to 104F, which gave me the impression that I would need to keep the camera warm. I built a protective insulating box out of foam and mounted the camera inside. The camera was hung from the ceiling of my (room temperature, maybe 72F max) lab, and was only able to record for 19 minutes while in this static condition. Once the camera stopped recording, I noticed that it was very hot to the touch. Assuming the recording had stopped from overheating, I cooled it down with a fan, charged it, cleared the memory, and tried recording without the foam box. The recording lasted 32 minutes before stopping, and once again the camera was very hot (this was in open-air conditions). Overheating is an interesting problem for me to have, as I will potentially need to keep it cool on the ground and also warm when it is at altitude…

Any suggestions on what I can do to help the camera record for longer? It sounds like 4 minute video chunks have helped other people, and the kind people at customer service have suggested running a fan on it. Can either of these keep the camera recording for 2 hours as advertised? Any help is appreciated.

As a side note, the 360fly customer service has so far been excellent! I am very pleased with your ability to quickly and effectively respond!


At 80,000 feet it should work fine. Once it gets up in the air the air cooling and temperature drop will keep the camera cool. Also, I would record at 24FPS and if you are going to start and stop with the button you can shut off the WIFI to help. You will find with any sports actions camera that long recordings at MAX resolution will make the camera get warm due to the size and insulation. However, you should be fine with this use case. We have sent up several balloons and have never had an issue.


Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll try turning the WiFi off and see how it does in flight. It’s interesting that you folks have flown these cameras on balloons, I would love to know more details about your setup!


If you search YouTube for 360fly balloon.

There are several videos you can check out. We had a very similar set-up as yours. At the higher altitude it is going to get very cold so I think you will be fine with your set-up, especially with the 4K.


overheating of the 360fly is the problem… I had the same problems with my Eken