Recording stops by itself


What version of software are you on? Make sure you update to the latest and greatest software load? Here are the instructions for upgrading.


The camera is a 360Fly 4K.
In the update area, if I look for updates, I get the message "The camera firmware is up to date"
The camera is being used indoors and with air conditioning (cool). I don’t understand why he camera stops recording and I even understand less why the files are corrupt. The software version is 2.0.0. The hardware version is R1.0.
There are 54 Gb of free space.


I performed a full system restore and it seems to have helped. Still testing but so far I have been able to record longer videos without it stopping. I was experiencing the same thing. It would stop by itself and those files would be corrupted. Also using the 360 4k with latest firmware and software.


Guess you can add me to the unhappy camper list. Bought my 360Fly to capture motorcycle rides. Upgraded to the lastest update 2.0.0 and was in the Rocky Mountains for a ride on Friday. Cool temperatures but at some point in the first hour the video stopped recording.

I’ve tried to play the video and download it to director but it says the file is corrupt. At least after this junk stopped working I had my GoPro which took great video for the remainder of the ride. It may not see 360 degrees but it works and works RELIABLY.


Does the video show up on the camera? When you connect to the camera via the Mobile app do you see the video in the list?

Also, can you tell me more about where the camera was mounted on your ride?


The video does show up in the list with a name but the preview is just a black rectangle. When clicked on it presents an error.

I had the unit mounted on my helmet and the high temperature was 68 degrees, so it had cool airflow over it.


The camera is updated and reseted. I am able to see the image through te app but the recording stops anyway after 1 minute or so (even if I record with the one push button). The resulting MP4 are corrupt when it stops by itself.


I sent you a DM, send me your contact information and we can resolve the issue for you.


Ok, thanks. I will contact you as soon as I can


Hmmmm, I seem to have the same problem as you @vbadal! @FLYGURU, according to the manual, the v2.0.0 firmware should have trigger options in the settings, but I don’t see these. The new 4K I have does run v2.0.0… is there a way to force a firmware update again?



What version of the software are you running right now? Vbadal issue was corrected with a Master Reset. Once you have the 2.0 version the features will show up in the application.


According to the app, I have the following:

Firmware Revision: N/A
Software Revision: 2.0.0
Hardware Revision: R1.0

Is that correct?


Yeah that is correct. If you download the latest mobile application you should see the features in the settings menu:

Triggered recordings
4 Minute Video Chaptering
Photo Sharing is now enabled for iOS.
GPS sensor data is enabled.


Ok, thanks @FLYGURU! I’ve checked that I have the latest app and it’s showing now. How do we fix the ‘randomly stopping recording’ problem that I still have?




Perform a Master Reset on the device. This will resolve the issue after upgrade.


Cannot see this “4 Minute Video Chaptering” feature in android app.

Please advise
Thank you


Have you upgraded the software on the camera. You must have the 2.0 for the 4K and it will show up when connected to the camera in the settings menu.


Big thanks to FLYGURU, we did a master reset and it seems to have fixed my issues. He was also able to recover some of my lost video from the corrupted file during my ride.

Great support for the product, can’t wait to try again on my next ride now.


I want to use my fly to record open wheel motor racing. I have used multiple devices in the past with variable success. Obviously I have to use a ‘set it and forget it’ method. Most of the time the required recording time is 45 minutes. With the vibration and harmonics most cameras fail. Before I clamp it to my roll bar, are their settings that will ensure it records to the end and, is the handle bar clamp robust enough to keep the camera upright for that period of time on a 2 inch bar? Are there better alternatives?


Are you using the 4K camera? I would recommend turning on the 4 minute video chaptering and make sure you update the software to the latest and greatest version. Our handle bar mount will not be able to fit the 2 inch bar as it is designed for the smaller handlebars. You can use another roll bar mount with our sports action adapter to mount the camera.