Receive Sensor Data via RTSP Live View


Dear 360fly team,

is it possible to receive the sensor data via the RTSP Live View?
Or is there any other chance to receive the sensor data via Wifi?
I am especially interested in receiving the Accelerometer and Gyroscope values.

I did already analyze the RTSP live stream, but could not find any embedded sensor data information.
I did also take a look at the REST API, but it seems that I can only get the sensor data format - not the actual values.

I would really appreciate if someone could help me figuring out if this could be done with the 360fly

Thank you!


Any ideas on how to retrieve the sensor data via rtsp?


U need to go thru a vlc client. Should be able to grab the info there. Atleast i think. The other way i kno is by naking sure u have a gps lock before. Then use and pull ur info into their overlays. Not sure tho about the actual sensors and info like data related material as to how much they adjust during recording. May need the sdk for that


@CamFreak, sensor data is only recorded to memory and is not available on the WiFi stream.