Not able to log into YouTube with the Director app on my Mac


Hi I am having trouble logging g into YouTube through the Director App, I keep getting a message with a link that I am told to paste into my application, I have tried closing everything down still no luck.
I can login into YouTube successfully on by Browser, I can go into my YouTube account checked all the settings all looks fine.
Applied all updates to my Mac reloaded the director app from scratch, still keep getting the same error,
Click on youtube in the social media area of Director, put into my google account it confirmes with my password and asks me to confirm that I want to share my App on YouTube I click to confirm and it comes back with a pop up with a a link and tells me to paste it into my application.

Please help



@foxlees, it sounds like you are using an outdated version of Director. Please open the App store on your Mac and download version 0.10.4.


No I am Using the latest version, I deleted the one I was using and installed the latest made no difference


@foxlees, this might be an issue with Google’s YouTube API, but there is a very easy workaround. Instead of selecting share, select “Convert” in the lower left corner of the video thumbnail, as shown here:

Convert in Director

This will export a YouTube formatted version of the video to your computer. You can then upload this file to through your Internet browser.

Please keep in mind that if you open this YouTube formatted file in QuickTime, it won’t appear in interactive 360-degrees - it will just look like a stretched out rectangle.