No Examples of Cardboard View in SDK


I need a sample in 360fly SDK to develop a trial app using that goes into a mode similar to cardboard for viewing 360fly captured video in VR gear.


Here is a link to a converted 360fly video. This is converted to the equirectangular format.

Click Here

Also, have you signed up for the 360fly Developer Kit.


@FLYGURU I’m also looking for an example of how to view a video in cardboard mode (ie. stereo viewport with barrel distortion). I don’t see how the answer above addresses this.

The 360flySampleApp-iOS app has examples of how to play a regular video, but not in a view compatible with a cardboard-style headset.

Poking around in the headers for GoPanoEngine didn’t yield anything useful. Any help would be appreciated. The 360Fly app in the app store has this capability, but it seems to be missing/hidden in the SDK.