New 360 4k I can record, but can't watch...Help!


Open app, connect to camera. Took several videos. When I click a video or photo to watch i get error. “Url is not available on servet”. Also if i sign in on web, says i have no videos. Phone iPhone 6 shows 4 in app.


When your in the camera mode on the mobile app, are you able to view any of the videos from the far left folder while your connected to the cameras wifi??? Theres two ways to view the videos or photos One while your still in your camera mode and the other is the second little icon on the mobile app which is the phone looking one. You have to first download the video/photo from the camera mode to be able to view from that phone section though… Hope that makes sense


What type of phone are u using? I have a Honor 5x and it doesn´t work also. When i take my Ipad everything is ok.


Iphone 6. When you hit the video thumbnail. The screen goes to black video playback screen and then says…url not available on server. If i hit the little download icon, it changes from white to grey but the video is not on my phone.


Are you connected to the Fly360 network for WIFI? I had that and wasn’t connected to the Fly WIFI, was on my home network. Check your wifi settings on your iPhone.


Support got me going. Had to reset the camera. Working now.


Great, I am glad they got you going. A power cycle of the app and the camera should correct the issue. You should not see it again.


@FLYGURU I’m having the same issue on Iphone7. How do you power cycle the camera?

EDIT: problem solved