My camera wont charge or connect to PC



My 360fly 4k wont charge or connect to my PC - i can connect to it via my phone and see all the content but the light is flashing purple and battery about to die. i have tried mulitple leads and PC’s but nothing makes it charge or connect

Is there a common issue with the power cradle not working and if so where do i get another one from as everywhere seems to show out of stock ?

Help i love this camera and dont want to accept its ready for the bin :(:disappointed_relieved:


I had the same thing with my fly 360. After some research, it turns out to be a simple fix.

The copper conectors on the base ( dongle, docking, or whatever you call it) tend to get bend down after a while. You can see this by looking at the 6 copper connections very closely. They should stick out just a little bit, so they can make contact with the fly 360.

Mine were about level with the black plastic casing, thus not making any connection.

The solution is to use a small needle and get under the connections from the outside off the base. When yu get under it with the needle, you bend them upwards just a little bit, they stick out about 0.5mm above the casing.

You’re good to go!!

You have to be carefull offcourse. don’t come crying if it doesn’t work :slight_smile: . I’m just tryig to help!
It worked for me!


Thank you I will try this - first bit of help on this issue in nearly 8 months of trying so very much appreciated