Merge option in Mobile App pls!


Install Merge Option in Mobile App pls. And after a successful merging, bring back the option to speed ramp + filters + soundtrack.


Thanks for the feedback. Excellent feature request. I have passed it over to the Dev team.


Yes adding our own music/soundtrack is very vital as well as merging of the clips just like in the Director Desktop Application


the merge-option is very necessary for the mobile-apps and for the directors-cut-app it is necessary to add the “watch me”-function of the mobile-apps.


Thanks for the feedback. I will pass it on to the team. We are working on adding more editing features to the Director for a release soon.


Thank you for adding some features to the directors-cut-app :slight_smile:
Now I have a new idea. The mobile-app has only the function to add music of 360fly. It would be more than perfect to add a function like at the directors-cut-app - to add your own music

Thank´s in advance and greetings form Austria,


Stay tuned. We are working on additional features for another release. Thanks for all your feedback.


About the default music beds. Some of them are no longer downloadable and gives ERROR. One genre Reggae didn’t even sound like Reggae of you listen to it. Music background options are too limited.


Due to copyright laws mosy have been removed. Same as if u add ur own music that isnt authorized or legit. Yt and some others have been stripping the videos due to copyright laws. Just fyi