Loop Mode Recording


Would love to see a recording ‘Loop’ mode… 1m 3m 5m 10m options… The camera could double up as a vehicle crash cam and also security camera.


Great feedback. It is something we are looking into. I will pass your feedback over to the team. Keep the feedback coming.


I’ve got a vintage convertible and I’m looking for a 360 camera as a dash cam.

This camera would be perfect if it had loop mode and could be constantly ‘hard powered’ via usb cable.

I’d buy one tomorrow if that were the case.



Make this happen and I’ll send you guys some amazing footage. I’m a cameraman in Hollywood CA. :wink:


Thanks Ryan, we are working on the feature. I will keep you posted.


How is that feature coming along? I’d buy this tomorrow if it had loop record. :slight_smile:


@RyanPatrickOHara, I don’t think that any of our current products will be altered to include this type of feature, but keep an eye on our solutions page for future consumer and business product releases - https://www.360fly.com/solutions


That’s too bad. I don’t want to buy another product to do this. I want to use the one I have. Very disappointed.


I would also VERY much like to see this added to the camera since it and all of its software has basically been abandoned, even when places were still selling them for full price. Even the current price on Amazon is a joke, because you can get an Insta360 One, a real 360 camera, for less.

Adding this feature would help clear out the, I’m sure, mountains and mountains of unsold stock of these things. I’ve had mine on Facebook Marketplace for 4 months and nobody has even wanted it for $100 lol