Live Stream Youtube 360fly 4k Pro - HDMI cable


I would like to use the HDMI cable to stream in Youtube in the 360VR format
I read the Guide:

“The default video output format (for both streaming and
recording) from the 360fly 4K PRO camera is equirectangular.
Meaning, 360-degree, hemispherical video laid flat
into a panoramic format. Equirectangular is also the
optimal format for social media sites such as Facebook
and You Tube.
The EQR format is the default output for the following
WiFi Mode at 1920x960 resolution
Video Record at 3840x1920 resolution
Live stream via HDMI Cable at 4K resolution
To exit EQR mode, press revolver icon at the bottom
of the screen and select the standard 360 video icon .
Note: The equirectangular video format will not stream
through the USB cable. Images are not available while in
Equirectangular mode”

BUT by connecting the HDMI cable to the computer does not work.
I was told by email:
“To get the HDMI out of the camera into a PC normally an interface box is required”

Which interface box do you recommend?


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