Less sharpening, amount and radius, to retain detail


The firmware sharpening is through the roof, causing halos and losing detail (sharpening crushes blacks and blows out highlights).

I’m guessing you’re doing that for impact for the casual user, but I believe same casual users won’t notice the difference if you flatten the image a little in this area. And advanced users will praise the higher detail this great lens and sensor can provide.

Consider putting this intense sharpening into a post processing filter. Thanks!


Thanks for the feedback. I will pass it to the team to investigate.


Really, This is very important.
Right now, the sharpening creates a halo that feels like a huge chromatic aberration. A “Raw” setting that allow for some postproduction would be great


We strongly recommend configuring the advanced settings prior to recording to reduce chromatic aberration, lens flares, and halos - https://support.360fly.com/hc/en-us/articles/220785367-360fly-4K-Advanced-Menu-Settings