LED lights not working


On my 360fly 4K the lights quit working after shooting a long video. The camera ran out of power after 1 hour 49 minutes and had trouble to even get it to recharge. Eventually, it recharged but the lights still don’t work. I was able to download the video from the camera.

Next, I did a hard reset which did not help but created additional issues. Now it won’t let me change the name or password from the factory settings. It is also important to note that when I select “Show Camera Password” it shows my original password. I even turned off the WIFI to see if that would help but it didn’t.

Not really sure what to try next. The entire camera needs to be reformatted but I couldn’t find a way for the 4K camera.



@cyberspeed, please send an email to support@360fly.com for assistance with this issue.


Thanks, sent the email.