Interval Photos Please


Would love to have an option for photos to be taken every XX seconds. I know the time lapse feature is similar, but I would like to do the same thing and get full-res photos. The only way to do this currently is to save a photo from the time lapse video, which gives you a lower resolution. I would like to start the interval and have the camera grab a bunch of stills while hanging under my drone.


Couldn’t you just record video (in either of the highest frames per second setting) and then take 'captures" from the video?

I’ve just purchased a 360fly 4k and mounted it to my Typhoon H and I was thinking about doing this for stills. I’ve only had the opportunity to do one flight with the 360fly 4k, so I’m still getting ideas and editing video.


Since the video resolution seems to max out at 2880X2880, and the photo mode seems to be 3456X3456, I’m thinking it would be better to get the extra pixel data. I’ll have to do some testing to see what the difference really is.


I am with you on wanting to be able to capture photos on an interval without shooting in time lapse video. Still new to shooting the 360Fly 4k, but I think it would be a nice feature to have the ability to shoot a still 360 image and have the embedded GPS data attached to it.

For my use, just adding the time interval from the video side to the still camera side would be sufficient.


I agree with this request.
I’m trying to get still images with GPS metadata while moving on a vehicle.
I want to be able to create a GPS track with still images on it’s interval.
Currently with video, it doesn’t seem feasible. But having the camera taking photos at fixed interval with GPS on, seems to be the closes thing to what I want to do.


@weean, have you tried capturing timelapse videos with the GPS activated?


Regarding timelapse videos and metadata. I noticed the sensors are not logged when capturing a timelapse video (no metadata entry in mp4 file). I think this should be fixed. I have not checked if GPS is logged.


I tried capturing timelapse videos with the GPS activated,
but cannot figure out how to get GPS track from the video, as I cannot get any GPS metadata from mp4.
someone suggested using racerender, but I would prefer a cheaper or open source solution for it. Also racerender don’t have the function to export out images by interval with GPS data.
The best thing I can figure out is taking pictures manually on the move. but it gets tiring after 5 minutes.
Is it possible to set timelapse function to take images instead of video?


will there be a future update for set timelapse function to take images instead of video?


isnt timelape a sequence of images put together to create a video??? Why would you want photo only?? Like how would that achieve the light effect and all???


@weean, I don’t know. None of the customer service teams have been made aware of any camera updates, or planned camera updates. If you would like a 360fly 4K firmware update or other new features added, please make your thoughts known to Voxx Advanced Solutions, who is in charge of those business decisions. They can be reached at


I’m looking for images with geotag, giving me locations of each shot taken.
i can use video, if the device can give me a gps track that can link me to each frame in the video.
for now in 360fly, the only gps tagged items are photos. and so, the request for interval photos.


The 4k has gps. U can get a signal before hand. The iicon turns green when its locked into a gos signal then yeah pull all ur info off. It takes a few minutes to get the gps lock depending on where u r Or fill in the blank area with a gps overlay or use racerender and pul all the data you want. Timelapse as a feature i have only seen take sevearl “images” per se and they are stitched together to great that sense of a time lapse video but in a matter of a few seconds. But timelapse as a feature just in itself no cams aside used to be done on dslr cams with extended exposure to give that sense of time. Still. Photo only just for geotagging a flowerr budding open or a sunset. A gps overlay would be more than sufficient and just add the location if one really desires in After effects. Or another 3rd part app. Photos. Geotags and timelapse is a little contradicting what the timelapse feature really is. I couldnt imagine the data on 100 shots taken to achieve a timelapse of snow falling or aomething. That would be a memory hog. But thats me