Internal microphone - sound quality


Hello All,

We are considering to buy a 360fly 4k to record sessions of our therapists. I am wondering whether the internal microphone is sensitive enough to pick up conversations (even when they are partly whispered) a few meters (3-4 meters / 9-12 feet) away, these sessions are held in a quiet office.

Apart from that we have group sessions, with usually 8 children and 2 therapists, these group-sessions are held in a gymnastics room. I guess that there is no microphone in the world that can make sense of the sounds of 10 people running around in a gym. But if there is, please let me know!

Cheers, b.


Due to the scenario and most likely very low noise floor and these are tuned more for action environments. Id suggest using a Bluetooth mic and have it sitting there as they are more sensitive and will pick up ambient or low sounds easier. Just my opinion. And u can use any witelless Bluetooth headset or get a good mic if you really concerned about transcriptions. One thing. Make sure they know they are being recorded. Therapy is supposed to be one to one


We strongly recommend using an external Bluetooth mic to capture this type of audio.


Thx @360fly_Support. I was trying to help till u came to the rescue