Image Hosting 2:1 ratio


I’ve seen some recommendations on here for 3D image hosting, but it seems that some of the best options requires that the image is 2:1 ratio. Is there anyway to change a setting in the camera or Director to shoot/save images at a 2:1 ratio? Obviously I can edit post-production in Adobe, but that is going to require that I cut out some of the image, basically rendering it very un-3D… Any thoughts/solutions?



Thanks for the Feedback. I will pass it onto the team and see what we can do.


This applies to the Google vrview tools for websites as well, it needs a 2:1 standard image size. I just used imagetools on my website to force a fill to 2:1. But I can see having a 2:1 option in the export would be handy too.


Is there any update on getting 2:1 images from a 360fly 4k camera


@austintinsman, the 360fly 4K PRO will be able to automatically capture still photos in a 2:1 equirectangular aspect ratio -