I would like a stabilizer for drone phantom, I think it is fair and necessary


A stabilizer that is unique to this camera, it is urgent.


Thanks for the feedback. Let me see what I can do.


please! gimbal try alexmos but not enough.


Do you have access to a 3D printer?


if I can get a printer


my email is gasoman1@hotmail.com, please tell me to send me to a stabilizer stl files …


Which Phantom drone do you have?


Phantom 3 adv and vision+


I have to install it on vision+, I think it would be best for the frequency wifi camera


And because it is old model… :slight_smile:


That is fine. I will set what I can get you for the Phantom 3.


Playing Chinese gimbal, testing and learning. :slight_smile:


It does not work 100% but I think with an engine with more power at least we could have a stabilized video front if we turn the gimbal 90 degrees, excuse my English, I use google translator :slight_smile:


Me rindo, sin gimbal no se puede… https://360fly.com/videos/me/


you shared wrong link… would like to know your findings… I have phantom 4


I just ordered a 3DR Solo Generic Camera Mount from Thingiverse. Here’s the link: 3DR Solo Generic Camera Mount You can also download the 3D Printer files necessary to print it yourself.

I plan on extending the mounting point downward, using a medium-density Rubber Post and using Commercial-duty Rubber Bands from the the point where the post meets the camera to the base of each leg on the 3DR Solo Drone for dynamic stabilization. I’ll post a follow-up here, to let everyone know how it works out!


Thanks for sharing. I am going to download and print one out today also. I will test it out. Make sure when mounting the camera to use a lock nut to lock down and do not over torque the 1/4 x 20 screw into the camera.


Yo intente con esto


Really dig this mount as I have the same drone!! Please post link to a video if possible and if ur wanting to sell a set!! Lol Nice tho!!!


No, la camara necesita estabilizacion, la montura no es suficiente, se mueve bastante al volar el drone y no logra un video aceptable, tengo la 360fly hd, y me gustaria comprar la 4k, pero sin cardan no me gusta.