How to use ¼-20 Adapter & head helmet accesories


Trying so hard to find video tutorial but I can’t find any. Anyone can help?

Plus, mine is 4K and I bought ¼-20 Adapter…turns out…why it doesn’t fit at all???
I read, somewhere that “¼-20 Adapter is for HD”. :expressionless: is it true?? -_-
There’s no such explanation in Amazon about it only for HD :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

Then i super waste my money for that -_- I have no idea in selling it again in Indonesia


1/4 20 thread is a 1/4 20 thread. No way around the sizing. The 4K and new 1080 HD do use the 1/4 20, so you are goodt, but if you are using a knockoff adapter. Sounds like its not a true 1/4 20. The old 1080 uses the twist and lock