How to upload 360deg video onto youtube


I’ve been trying to upload videos I filmed with GoPro Fusion, edited using GoPro Fusion Studio, onto youtube. The video remains in a distorted 2D and I have tried injecting metadata but it still doesn’t work. I’m confused because on 2 occasions, I was able to upload a sample video without metadata and it works fine in youtube. However, when I used the exact same settings, I wasn’t able to replicate it.

I usually export it in 360 view in GoPro Fusion Studio (I’ve tried the overcapture view too), with the setting “Youtube” “5.2K” and “Stereo”. I’ve tried a combination of other settings as well to no avail.

This is one of the videos I tried uploading:
If you click my “youtube channel”, it has a bunch more of 360 videos turned 2D. The successful ones don’t have 2D in their titles.

Thanks for the assistance.

try this one


Yeah thank you. I’ve realised that the problem was that youtube takes about 6 hours after the video is posted to actually load all the information to fully convert it into a 360deg video. So my metadata was fine. Thanks for the help tho!