How to erase a video fro my Iphone


please, give me a hand to erase a file that I just uploaded to my Iphone.


It is easy. Just swipe left on the video in the 360fly app and press the trash can.


Perfect, I just did it.



Just try iPhone data eraser software to erase the video from your iPhone. It can delete everything from iPhone, including contacts, SMS, photos, videos, etc. Just search it by yourself.


Although i have not erase videos from my iPhone , but i know how to wipe iPhone SMS contacts and othe files ,
You can follow this tutorial so that you can completely erase videos on iPhone


Here is a demo on how to completely erase everything iphone without recovered
moreover, which will be able to allow you to erase everythings you want to delete on iPhone/iPod/iPad , including the videos


To erase data from iPhone means you will delete your data permanently. It is neccessary to do it if you want to abandon or sell your old iPhone. So how to erase a video from iphone, just use iPhone data eraser tool.


@Qamstery. General - settings - erase. Then select erase all content. Will bring iphone bak to sell mode

@Kmailler. To delete any fly videos from phone. Just go to the video and swipe left while in the 360fly app. U will see a delete option. If on the phone then follow steps above to erase all content


After 12 working days, the data is wiped clean from iPhone.