How are we going to stabilize this camera?


Ok so I was sitting on a ride in my [videos](https: //www. youtube .com/playlist?list=PLhFMpIE780J50sIkyUlSs3sABYerv5xcf) and it was relatively still but when I did videos with me walking, every footstep caused quite a shake. Would a stabilizer for this work?


Yeah, this thing exists:

But, I need a gimbal that’s waterproof, so I haven’t tried that one. So far, I don’t see any waterproof products that I can use with my 360Fly. All of those gimbals are made for GoPro-style cameras and don’t use the 1/4-20 connector.


The best way is to buy any cheap gimbal. Or Root your device and install GCam, it as EIS and will stabilise your device as much as possible. Thanks and Regards, panda helper app emu4ios app