Firmware Upgrade Fly360 4k and Android App BUG related to software Update


Many months ago I mentioned here in the Forum somewhere or through the Email support that the Android App was reporting that my 360Fly 4k Camera Software was out of date. The reply you guys gave me at the time was that:

  • The software is up-to-date
  • The report was a bug

Well, many many months lates the bug wasn’t fixed and the same report message appears in the Android App. So, my first question is:

  1. In October 17th 2018, the software version 2.1.4 is still up to date?

My second question is related to the firware upgrade. The is no clear way to upgrade the firmware using the Android App. Another relevant information is that we can’t clearly know what is the latest firmware version, since there is no option in the main website to search for latest version of softwares/firmwares.
The only information I was able to get about firmware was this post:

There it shows how to upgrade the firmware to version 1.3.3.
So the second question is:
2) Using the Android App, my device’s firmware version is listed as Z-0099 and hardware R1.0. There isn’t a clear relation between 1.3.3 and Z-0099 in order to allow us to deduce if my firmware is older or up-to-date. So, is my firmware up-to-date? If it is, how can I check that information in the future?! Again, there is no place to see the latest firmware version for the device in the website. The App doesn’t help much. The numbering system for the firmware used in the Android App follows a different standard / format of the numbering used for firmware in the website/forum. How am I supposed to find out if my firmware is up-to-date or not if the numbering system is different? How can I keep the firmware up-to-date?