Facebook Livestream Problem


Hi - I’m having problems streaming to facebook. I tap the “LIVE” button with my Samsung S7 connected via WiFi to my 360, a screen appears that states I’ve previously logged in to 360fly with Facebook. I tap “Continue” and another window appears stating to tap “LIVE” again to begin streaming, and I’m returned to the screen that states I’ve previously logged in. I am stuck in this loop.

I have linked my Facebook account in my 360fly mobile app. Is there something I need to do with the 360fly app or with Facebook to enable streaming? Thanks!

I successfully streamed many times last year using my 360fly and S7.

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I am still waiting their support.
I am using iOS, the same problem. But it problem is from facebook, facebook update the new private.

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It would be great if they would at least announce they’re aware of the problem and expect to have a solution in xx days.

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I am having the same problem. Pressing the “live” button takes you back to the previous screen,…pretty much just go in circles.
Ive got another issue, I’ve mentioned in another post with the name and password change being greyed out.