Facebook Live APP Ver2.0.4



I recently purchased a 360fly 4K and I am trying to do a live stream to Facebook and when i click the live button it opens Facebook and attempts to login in but fails. I also get this when i try to link my Facebook account in the settings page. The error I get is “Login Failed: You can’t use Facebook to log into this app or website because there’s an issue with its implementation of the Facebook Login.”

Is anyone else having this issue? Does anyone have a fix for this?

Thank you in advance.


Facebook login page failed to load. In this case, there should be a problem with your cookies. If you are facing this problem, then do take reference of Facebook help section.
Facebook Phishing

Phishing is growing as the most terrible technique to grab passwords and emails. It deals with creating fake login pages and to steal email and passwords of the victim.

To secure yourself from phishing hacking method, you should take following measures.
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  • Don’t click on other website’s Facebook login pages. Always self-entered the URL in the browser and login safely.
  • If you are redirected from another page to the fb login then don’t forget to check the URL of the pages, sometimes actual URL may be different from fb (This is not true everytime because a professional phisher also knows to change the URL as well).
  • Don’t trust anyone. Don’t pass your login details and other passwords to anyone else.
  • Keep your passwords as long as possible.Use a mixture of letters, numbers as well as symbols in your passwords.

*These are some simple tips but will be very useful for all of us to keep ure Facebook account safe and secure.