Export capture as 1080/2160p regular video (not 360)


G’day again,

The ability to set a direction for the playback (ie. forward facing on a motorbike vid) and then export as a regular .mp4.

At the moment to achieve this you need to watch the video right through in watch me mode and then save that project, to be able to accomplish this without the full watch-through would be very handy, especially for motorbike track vids.

For example I could export two captures, one forward facing, one rider facing and then splice the two together with a musical overlay for playback on any device, pc etc. Would be awesome for sharing vids with the riding community, as the bitrate and overall quality of the ‘flat’ watch me playback is excellent.

Take care :wink::sunglasses:


If u use a 4k cam. Lock the gps signal in first then go to racerender on the computer. U can then do overlays like a rearview mirror for the rear and ur front facing pov like normal. Racerender is free for a few templates but also will show speed, time, force, etc. i ride both a ducati and harley