Error Accessing Camera


I’m trying to access the camera from the Director on a Mac. The camera LED is solid yellow for USB mode, but the Director says error accessing camera every time it tries to connect. Suggestions?


@ChadHarvey. U r like rite there An icon should show up on your desktop that looks like the xam. Click on the cam
Icon and locate dcim folder and click that and u will see 360fly files. Will say like100_360 or sumtin. From there u can import each one into director. I dont import the THM file or thumbnail one. Hope that helps a little


Thanks for the quick reply. I don’t have an icon that looks like the cam on the desktop. Is that how it would look on a Mac?


@ChadHarvey. More than welcome!! 360fly will see soon im sure as welI and have some tips… I use a mac as well and yeah an icon of the cam should automatically popup on ur desktop… Try closing out of all ur apps then turn the cam on and wait for the solid blue then set onto the charging cradle that is plugged into usb while the cam is on. It should cycle through and turn solid yellow like u had, then the icon will show up. It should hopefully. Also, close out of the director as well. Then reopen once u see the icon


I rebooted the laptop and it works now. I still don’t get the icon on the desktop, but the director app finds it now.


Rite on. May be just how some setings are. But cool glad u r good. Sorry for any confusions.


Hi folks,

I have the same problem! I’m on a Macbook Pro with OS 10.11.6.

When I open Director and attach my camera via the USB cradle I get the below error notification. I tried restarting my Macbook Pro and the same problem comes up.

Also, my 360fly camera flashes green, as opposed to solid yellow. Perhaps this is an indication of something?

I appreciate any advice.




I switched over USB cables and it finally worked! So it seemed to be a cable problem.

Thanks again folks!


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