Editing Spherical video in Final Cut Pro


Hey everyone,
Gonna be posting a lot of these types of quick tutorials to get everyone up to speed on 360 lingo, settings, and basic understanding of how to work with 360 video on various other platforms. Here is a basic tutorial of how to get 360fly spherical video into FCP, work with it, and export it. Let me know if there are any questions.


360fly 4k editing final cut pro
View 360 Video in Windows Media Player?
Can WeVideo added the video?

Hi, how can i get the edit movie back on my mobile device voor VR?


Here is a link to the steps to get the video back on to your device. You basically use itunes to drop the file back into the app, real easy.



Andy thats a great video and thanks for helping us all out . How do I make a video file thats been edited then send the file to someone else so they can upload onto their account ? -Mark


One of the best tutorial from 360 Fly. I’m finally able to put audio tracks on my videos.


Great video, but what software programs will do the same if running on a Windows PC not a MAC


Hey Thomas,
Adobe Premier runs on PC. I will be doing a tutorial soon on that as well.


You can export a 1504x1504 file, and dropbox that file to the user. They can bring it into our 360fly Desktop app and convert it to equirectangular ( Youtube or Facebook) OR they can keep the 1504x1504 dimensions and load it to their account on our site.


Also a trail in after effect (adobe)?


Trial? Yes, it will work, just make sure you keep it a 1504x1504 .h264 29.9 FPS file



Tnx for the heads up on this…I can see some of the issues I have had being solved in settings with FCP and iMovie.
Not tried it since viewing this demo but I NEED to add titles at the front for my client and some more text info at the back end.
Without going ahead to test perhaps you can comment on this before I do???

I have a lot of clients who can use this app but I can’t go ahead until I have a solution that works
Any feedback appreciated asap :slight_smile:



Adding titles and text…thats all


I am now thinking I will have to ‚Äėshoot‚Äô any titles as I can‚Äôt imagine how a logo or title would not warp in edit back from FCP to 360Fly mode?
Any thoughts on this?


Yes, any text on spherical videos have to be circular. You can use Illustrator to write the text on a path around the circle. The closer you are to the ‚Äúequator‚ÄĚ the less distortion there will be. I will try to make some graphics that help explain that tomorrow


Really?..thats interesting…the effect latitude has?..why is that?
Anyhow I suck at Illustrator so decided to shoot the titles.
Credits will be tricky.
Tnx for the feed…:)…will post once I get it sorted…cant post without titles for the clients sake…this is an important requirement for clients…not just kids having a go on hot sports equipment :slight_smile:


The changes are based on the shape of the lens. basically there is (1) pixel at the very, very top of the lens and so it gets stretched when laid flat. The closer you are to center, the less stretching that has to happen when laid flat. Make sense?


Trying Pshop today and type on a circle to test…no idea of dimensions but will give it a go…or orientation…fun to experiment…then put it back into FCPro…will stay in the Equator or towards the centre


So I produced a .dng file in photoshop for the title and placed it in FCP…it took a lot of attempts to tweet it to what I thought would work…basically 2 concentric rings of type so that whatever aspect one word was always at the top and also one ring (the outside ring) larger so that depending on the zoom, one was always legible. I must say it aint easy. Anyhow set the template to 1504 x 1504 and dropped the type layers into that as a .psd file and output as .dng.

The post in Director was slow as its a big file but did as you suggested and now I have a flat file on my desktop with the metadata OK I hope.

So when I am happy with it will post with a link…wanted to do credits at the end but way too hard…unless you can suggest a way to add these in. Will 360fly add titles and credits as a director option?..or consider it?..have I missed that if its there somewhere?..ha ha

So its only Face and Youtube doing 360?..not Vimeo?..anyone else?


We are actively working with the developers to add features. As of right now, adding music/narration is 1st, then adding text is the next feature.

FB and Youtube are the big players now, I heard Vimeo is thinking about 360, but they are not there yet. Make sure you post the link to the finished product.

Also, you can post the .psd for other people to learn with.


Sure will post the .psd as long as it works…still uploading the test to my Face site. I am thinking that shooting a logo is the perhaps the best…will try that as well