Drone Sample Test Run 1st Attempt


I am taking my 360Fly 4k to a job site tomorrow to try and get some aerial footage. This will be my first time recording from an aerial drone. Does anyone have pointers or maybe some tips that will help the first attempt go smoothly?

Also, what direction/position of the lens have some of you used while shooting from a drone? I’m planning on having the lens face straight downwards.


I’m attempting to get an aerial view of construction work for a time lapse from start to finish


Yes, straight down. You will capture everything down (the ground) and around, and nothing up (in the sky)


Will i be able to view the perspective of the drone from my device? What is the maximum distance where i can continue to get a live stream?


You will get the best results using a Gimbal otherwise try to take steady shots having the drone at a defined altitude since the 360° capability will allow you to get a complete view otherwise movement could be disturbing while using cardboard or VR glasses.


How did this work out for you? Im thinking of doing the same


Mixed results. We’ve kind of been improving each time we go out by using different mounts. We finally have a thick enough piece of pvc rigged onto it that should allow us to keep the 4k stationary with the handle bar mount we have. I’ll let you know when we take it out on Wednesday on our next project.


Here is a drone example I put together.

Fly slow, no wind, and don’t jerk the copter around.


What Drone were you using?
Any recommendations on best drones? maybe with a follow me feature as well?


I like the Inspire 1 form DJI. Stable and powerful to lift the cam and the retractable gear gets the legs out of the way real quick.


Nice work Andy. Very well done. What software did you use?


Hi Andy,
Great footage!
Did you use gimbal to stabilize camera? If yes what kind?


Do the magnets on the camera effect the compass?


The GPS sensor is not affected by the magnets used when connecting your 360fly 4K to the charging base.


Thanks for your reply!


nice work keep up! :grinning:
good day

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firstly it is great work as you said you have tried it first time.
it is better way to capturing footage by attaching the lens downwards.

blokada tvtap

Awesome Man! Loved it.


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