Dive suite & fog


today i’ve used the diving suite whit fly4k…
i use it to give some surfboard suit.
afther 5 minutes it appear in some points the FOG…

whit my gopro i have the special strip to put in the case…

i can’t put that stripes in the fly dive house 'cause the are too large
how can resolve it?


@carverbaigio, in the USA there is a product called SPIT Anti Fog - https://www.jawsproducts.com/Quick_spit_antifog_spray_formula_p/1796x.htm

I don’t know if there is a similar product where you are located.


Note that the condensation is because the water cools the lens housing, causing the vapor to condense out. Assuming the 360fly housing is like my other dive camera housings, the fogging is due to moisture trapped in the housing. Options:

  1. put the camera in the housing in an air conditioned space, like a hotel room or store. A/C dehumidifies the air as it cools it.
  2. Use desiccant packets in the housing if they’ll fit (sounds like you have tried that, but maybe another brand might fit?).
  3. Anti-fog on the lens and the inside of the housing the lens “sees” through, might work, although a very humid environment isn’t real good for most electronics. I note that the 360fly is somewhat water resistant, so this might not be an issue.